Aim for the Moon

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Have you ever sat with the moon? Literally, sit and just be. I look forward to the energy of a full moon especially when I’ve had a busy month. Spiritually, it reminds me to take time to ground myself and release what’s not serving me. It’s an opportunity to recharge and connect with myself.

The moon is also one of those amazing things we all want to capture through our lens and fortunately, we get a chance to do that every month.

Ideally, your camera can shoot at a high ISO with little to no loss of quality. I shoot with a Canon 5D IV and it’s more than capable of handling high ISO settings.

Last month the clouds filled the sky, covering the full moon for most of the night. I waited in my car hoping for a moment when there would be a break in the clouds and there was. I captured it just before midnight. Using the Canon f4 70-200mm at a high ISO and fairly quick shutter speed, I was able to get a sharp image while handheld. See the shooting specs below.

moon energy through clouds
Focal Length165mm
Shutter Speed1/180

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